RISE Project

To raise up women living in poverty

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RISE Project: Bracelets with Purpose // Handmade by Women in Nicaragua

Our RISE Project is dedicated to alleviating poverty though providing jobs to women artisans, allowing them
to provide for their families, and giving them opportunities to raise up those around them.

Inspired by our love for the ocean, 100% of all proceeds from these beautiful bracelets help raise up
women living in poverty while providing clean water to a community in Nicaragua.

Hope is Beautiful.



We know some ladies who are incredibly talented weavers, and they make beautiful blankets at their small shop in Leon, Nicaragua.

Throughout Nicaragua countless people are living in vulnerable and desperate situations. We desire to help these hard-working women RISE out of poverty by selling their beautiful blankets in the States which will help them keep their business open, employ other women, and enable them to provide for their children.

RISE Collective is a dream of women helping women flourish

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The women and girls living in Dario, Nicaragua, do not have running water in their community.

They hike down a steep, rocky trail every day to fill buckets and jerry cans with water to haul back to their homes.

We believe that access to clean water is a basic human right, and we would like to change the story for the women and girls of Dario by providing them with easy access to safe, clean water.


When you give to our RISE Project you help us purchase goods from women artisans here in Nicaragua,
helping keep their businesses open and allowing them to provide for their families.

We sell the artisan goods in the States and bring 100% of the proceeds back to Nicaragua
so that we can provide a new and easily-accessible CLEAN WATER well for the people of Dario.

Will you RISE with us to help raise up women in Nicaragua?