Unrest in Nicaragua ... an Unexpected Revolution


Some of you may not be aware of the political and civil unrest that is happening in Nicaragua right now. It's hard to summarize in one short blog post, but we want to share some with you the best that we can.

In mid-April President Ortega announced two major changes to the Social Security system which provides pension, disability and healthcare benefits to members. The changes would raise taxes and reduce the pensions of the elderly. The announcement was met with instant protest from University students calling out the Ortega family for its corrupt use of tax money in the past and for the payout that this change would require of them. The government began forcefully opposing those protesting.

The majority of the people of Nicaragua are protesting peacefully. They are rising up bravely to ask for justice and for relief from the poverty that they have faced for so long. They are calling for President Ortega to step down. University students and families and the elderly alike are boldly putting their lives on the line to take a stand, asking for change from an administration that has kept them suppressed for far too long. Their courage and bravery is inspiring.


This week two dialogues were scheduled between the Nicaraguan government and University students in an effort to try to resolve the issues. At the first dialogue, one University student bravely spoke up against the Ortegas saying, "this is not a dialogue table, this is a table to discuss your departure." Wow! Click HERE to watch on Facebook. 

We are watching the news and daily events carefully. Although we live in Managua where the majority of the unrest is taking place, we are not putting ourselves in dangerous situations and we are being careful to avoid areas where there has been violence. At this time we do not have plans to leave Nicaragua. We are taking things one day at a time and praying for wisdom moving forward.

We are praying for new, good, compassionate Nicaraguan leadership to lead this country forward. We are praying for peace and justice to prevail for the people of Nicaragua. 

Before any of this took place, God spoke the words "Uprising of Hope" to our hearts. Not only do we desire for our lives to declare and to spark an uprising of hope in the lives of others, but we are declaring an uprising of hope and freedom for the people of Nicaragua right at this very moment.

Will you join us in praying for this beautiful country and these people that we have come to know and love?