Rivers In The Dry Wasteland

For I am about to do something new.
Do you not see it?
It is already springing up!
I will make a pathway in the wilderness.
I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.
— Isaiah forty-three nineteen

We're believing God to move powerfully this year as we step into this vision that he has given. We're believing for far greater than our eyes can see at this moment. We're believing for the fulfillment of his promise of cold, rushing rivers of water overflowing into the dry wastelands of hearts and lives.

Because nothing can stop our faithful God from accomplishing his plans, from his promises coming to fulfillment. No obstacle is too big. No ground too barren or desolate. What looks impossible to us, is only an opportunity for him to show up and move. To bring his promise of beauty and freedom and life. Creating something fresh and flourishing out of dry, parched nothingness. Streams of living water. And overflowing hope that floods the dry places of our souls.

It's not about us. We're here to make Jesus known as we step into this something new that he is stirring up our hearts.