Jungle Living

We laugh that it feels like we live in the thick of a jungle, but it's kind of true.

The house we're renting stands alone on just under one acre. It's a simple house with a roomy outdoor covered patio area, which is where we usually hang out. Our dining table is outdoors and the kids are loving that for school. Our favorite thing about our little piece of jungle in the crazy city is the open space that our kids have to ride their bikes and be outside. It has been a huge and unexpected blessing. 

Our landlords love plants and trees and so we have an abundance of both. Everything from limes and coconut palms to bananas and mangoes. It has been amazing to have so much good fruit at our fingertips to share and enjoy.

We also have really loved learning about the tropical flowers and plants in our yard. Just to name a few ... we have the uniquely shaped, bright orange Bird of Paradise flower, towering stalks of bamboo, beautiful plumeria (which is the national flower of Nicaragua), and several different colors and shades of bougainvillea. So much different than the plants and flowers that we've always loved in the Pacific Northwest. 

Because of the abundance of fruit trees surrounding our house, we have plenty of birds in our yard. We regularly see beautiful wild parrots and guardabarrancos. And we also absolutely LOVE the fireflies that come out at night.

Just in case we have painted too dreamy a picture ... ha! It isn't all paradise. We still live in a developing country. We have been out of water for a couple of days on several occasions (mostly during the dry season), our power goes out almost every time we have wind and rain, we have neighbors who love to burn their garbage and crank up their music every weekend, and we have our fair share of things like mosquitoes, tarantulas and scorpions.

You guys, we feel abundantly blessed. Even though there are hard things that come with living in Managua, and things aren't quite what we were used to having in the States, we are so grateful. Our house is not large and it's not fancy. But it is a place where our kids can thrive during this transition and move to a developing country. Many people here in Nicaragua are living with so much less. So we desire to give of our abundance, to welcome all into our home, and pray that our hearts would be ever grateful.

We hope that you will make plans to come see us, stay in our casa and experience some crazy jungle living along with us.