Crazy Hikes and Flat Tires

We wanted to share some of the images from our hike back into a remote community in the Tola area that had been cut off from receiving help after enduring terrible flooding from Tropical Storm Nate. Many living in the area lost everything.

We hiked in 11 kilometers, up hills and through several rivers, carrying heavy bags of food and supplies. We came across several men on horses who offered to help us pack the bags in the rest of the way. Those horses were a lifesaver!! It was a long, hot day, but it was absolutely incredible.


A few days later we loaded our Land Cruiser down with more food and supplies and headed back to the Tola/Rivas area. We had to drive quite a long stretch by dirt road and cross several deep rivers to get to where we could have people walk out to meet us. We weren't able to go further than a rocky sand bar in the middle of the river. 


That rocky sand bar ended up giving us a flat tire, but it was quickly fixed Nica-style - hauled off via motorcyle by a friend and then returned to us an hour or so later. 

In just one week we were able to deliver 4500 pounds of food and supplies to over 255 families affected by the flooding. 

Our hearts are overcome with gratitude for the love that has been shown to our brothers and sisters here in Nicaragua. To those who have given so generously and made these relief efforts possible ... thank you for standing with us. For trusting us. And for helping us give hope to those who have been left with so little.