Clean Water

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Several of you have asked for more information about the water filter project, so we wanted to share a little more with you here ...

Following the flooding and contamination caused by Tropical Storm Nate, we realized that after the immediate food and emergency supplies were given, the need for clean water was still on-going. We looked for a way that we could best use the remaining funds that we had received from those who wanted to help with disaster relief efforts. After talking with people living in remote communities around Tola and seeing the needs for ourselves, we chose to put those funds toward helping with the need for clean, drinkable water.


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The Filtron bucket system filters that we are giving out are locally produced here in Nicaragua. They filter water through a clay pot insert. The clay pots are also made locally by an organization called Potters for Peace. The clay is mixed with colloidal silver which helps to neutralize bacteria and purify the water. This method has been recognized by The World Health Organization as being effective in eliminating pathogens so that the water is safe for consumption. These water filters are inexpensive, easy to use, don't require electricity, and will provide a family with clean water for 2 years.

We know that this is not a permanent solution to the greater long-term need for clean water for these communities, but we felt that providing families with these water filters would give them some immediate help. Because clean water is so essential to helping eliminate sickness and water-borne diseases, using these Filtron water filters provides safe, drinkable water to families who would otherwise be drinking and cooking with water from contaminated hand-dug wells or muddy rivers.

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We were first introduced to these water filters by our friends at Nica Vida Surf Lodge during our trip to Nicaragua last year. 

Although we have finished fundraising for and distributing water filters for the flood relief efforts, our hearts are to help meet whatever needs that come to our attention. The need for clean water is an on-going issue here in rural parts of Nicaragua. If you desire to help with future clean water projects, please contact us. We would love to talk more with you.