Water is Life


A few days ago we visited the home of an elderly woman whose house was destroyed by flooding. We watched as her daughter was bringing up small buckets of water out of their hand-dug well so that she could wash their clothes. The water was dirty and brown because it had been contaminated by the flood water. This is the same water that they are using for drinking and cooking and bathing. Because they do not live along a main roadway where a water truck comes by, they can either try to walk for miles out to the water truck and then haul heavy containers of water back, or just make do with using whatever water that is available from their well or the river. 


It's devastating that this essential need for life - clean water - is just simply not a reality for so many in our world still. And because of that, many people suffer from life-threatening health problems and diseases. 

Moving forward, we will be focusing our disaster relief efforts on helping provide clean water to the more remote Tola/Rivas communities.